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Meet Alex

After purchasing our first home, and feeling the incredible and wonderful excitement of attaining the American Dream of Home Ownership, It became our mission to be able to help as many people experience that feeling too. We get just as excited as the new home owners every time we help someone buy their first house. Our team always put ourselves in their shoes, and educate our clients on every aspect of the purchase. We feel knowledge is the best way to be able to serve our clients and when they understand what is going on, it makes it less stressful and more simple. We honestly want you to understand and be educated in every aspect of what you are signing and how it works.

Selling your home can be just as emotional and time sensitive as purchasing one. With our experience of selling multiple of our own homes, we understand the stresses that come along with that. We are here to help you through this process and sell your home fast and for Top Dollar.


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We absolutely LOVE Real Estate. We eat, sleep, and dream it. Our children were born into it, and have more knowledge about Real Estate than most home owners. We enjoy homes, and love to help put families in them. It is our PASSION, and we can't imagine ourselves not involved in Real Estate.

We take pride in not being your typical Real Estate Agents. We are always thinking outside the box, developing new ideas to resolve issues in a better way. We strive to be creative and love the challenges that come along with RE Transactions. We are always looking for a different take on RE, a new perspective, and another way around any obstacle in the way of one of our deals closing.

We have a passion for marketing as well, We want your property to stand out, be loud, and get noticed. Technology makes life seem so detached sometimes, that the simple and back to basics approach is often noticed more than not when mixed in the modern modality.

We love people, and LOVE first time home buyers. Our team loves the relationships we build with all of our clients. There is never a better compliment then when we get a referral to one of our past clients family members!! We loved to become a part of the family and become great friends with a lot of my clients. Our lives would not be complete without the wonderful people we have met throughout our Real Estate Career.

Our motto is: Real. Simple. Real Estate - Keeping it Real and Making it as Simple as possible for our clients.

Call us today with any questions you may have about the Real Estate Market in your area. Our team will be glad to assist you! (678) 719-6300 or email us at

Meet Mike

Mike Maddox is a licensed Real Estate Agent and the Marketing Coordinator for the Maddox Real Estate Group. With a background in engineering, his expertise is in the fine details and in ensuring that the correct systems are in place so that you have a wonderful experience during your Real Estate Transactions. His role is to assure The Maddox Real Estate Group remains on the cutting edge of real estate by being innovative while maintaining efficiency and top-notch customer service. He helps the group by providing vital daily assistance and is the technical manager for the team.


Marketing Coordinator,

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